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Experience the power of shade with Shade nets from Shalimar which offer protection from sunlight and different harsh surrounding conditions. Made from Virgin HDPE and added UV stabilizers, these Shade nets are extremely durable and very long lasting.

With multiple protective features Shalimar Shade nets find extensive usage in Agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, Construction sites and other general purpose shading. Also widely use for making pandals in parties and functions.

Our Shade nets are offered in various sizes and colours with Shade percentages varying from 30% to 90%.


Leno Bags from the house of Shalimar are highly preferred for their excellent quality, great value and long lasting properties. It's ideal packaging solution for perishable products like potatoes, onions, garlic, coconuts, fruits & vegetables. It is also widely used for packing marine products.

Leno bags scores a definite edge over all other conventional modes of packaging perishable products. It is strong, light-weight and can withstand long hours of transportation without any wastage or spillage. It also provides excellent ventilation and is resistant to any fungus or insects thus Preserving the life of the packed content.

Product Specifications

* Also Available in sizes as per requirement.


Shalimar puts years of experience to work for agriculture by providing best quality multi layered mulch films. Mulching has become the core technology in vegetables, fruits, flowers and foodgrains production as the quality of the crop is far more superior and yield is faster. Our mulch films are easy to apply and have the strength and stretch to ensure a tight fit over raised beds.

Mulching is the process of covering the soil/ground to make more favourable conditions for plant growth, development and efficient crop production. The end result of mulching is a much improved crop yield with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced crop yield, quality and quantity
  • Fast crop development and early harvest
  • Water erosion is completely averted
  • Maintains soil structure
  • Prevents direct evaporation of moisture from the soil
  • Protects roots from climatic extremes
  • Protects against leaching of fertilizers
  • Excellent weed control
  • Repels insects due to its reflecting property
  • Helps in water conservation

They are usually manufactured in two colours silver/black & white/black. It helps in reflecting the sun light to the plant from the bottom, due to which more light is availed by the plants thus enhancing the photosynthesis activity. These films are available in different sizes as per requirement.

Pond Lining

Pond Liners manufactured by Shalimar also know as Geotextile provides our esteemed customers in India and across the world with a highly effective and economic method of making artificial lakes in their desired area in no time and a full-proof solution with long lasting results. Shalimar pond lining is manufactured by using 100% virgin Eco friendly material that is safe for environment and marine life. Manufactured and customised as per the pond, these liners comes in big size panels which are then welded on the site to fit the pond correctly. They easily welded on the site with state of the art welding machine and highly skilled operators to fit the exact size and shape leaving no room for any leakage from any side also if there are any contours of feature like drainage or waste collection and flush out necessary provisions can be made. Our liners are made of UV resistance additives which help liners to resist the weathering effect due to ultraviolet exposures. Since these liners are made with best virgin grade HDPE  it resists microbial attacks and algae growth– which means no chances of any kind of decease from external elements.

In comparison to the traditional methods there are many advantages of our pond lining listed below:-

  • Preserves water quality and quantity as desired.
  • More production can be achieved from the same pond every season without any kind of detoriation in the produce.
  • Cleaning and resetting up the pond for the next crop becomes very easy
  • Quality of the soil stays in.
  • Water ariation can be doubles and so is the crop yeild can be as more ariation can be provided.
  • Due to lining between the soil and water the crop is safe from naturally spread deceases and the quality is superior.
  • Easy and clean collection of crops once the water is drained out of the pond.

These are highly durable & flexible liners easy to handle and low maintenance.

Available in black colour made of 5 layers in two qualities 400 and 500 Microns.


Shalimar brings forth Polyhouse woven fabric that is made of PP/HDPE virgin raw material. These fabrics are widely used in polyhouses all across the global as protective covering and to have a controlled environment through out the year to grow all types of vegetables, fruits and flowers of consistent good quality which in turn leads to the higher returns for the farmers.

Our fabric consists of three layers, the finely woven middle layer is laminated on both the sides with best virgin grade material and the added UV stabilizer makes the fabric strong and well equipped to sustain constant heat and sun light for longer durations. These fabrics transfer diffused sunlight and have the properties like anti-drip, anti-fog and anti-dust that are favourable for the uniform and better quality growth of crop throughout the year.

These fabric are regularly tested in our inhouse lab with the most advanced testing equipment that helps us to mantain the edge and consistently make best quality. Our polyhouse fabric is available in various sizes, colours and GSM as per requirement.


Vermi beds from the house of Shalimar is a great innovation and is widely used for organic farming. The vermi compost made from our vermi bed makes the soil & crop completely free from chemicals and other harmful substances as compared to chemical fertilizers. It also enriches the soil and improves its fertility giving the farmer better yield of crop in a very eco friendly way.

Our vermi bed is made of seven layers bonded together, its light in weight hence very easy to install but at the same time its strong and durable. It can be assembled anywhere, can be relocated and also can be reused several times. Our high quality UV stabilizers protect the vermi bed from continues exposure to strong heat and sunlight preventing it from degrading or deshaping, thus increasing the life of the Vermi bed.

The Aeration net windows provided for maximum air ventilation maintains a proper balance of oxygen & moisture that helps keeping a controlled environment for healthier, faster and the best quality vermi compost.

Stitching Thread

Shalimar stitching thread (Sutali) is made from 100% Virgin and U.V. treated raw material. Our stitching thread in comparison to other traditional stitching threads is cheaper, stronger, durable. It is used in tying plants to support the plant from getting damaged and to prevent drooping. Widely used in Plants like tomatoes, Grapes, Oranges etc. It is also widely used for stitching various bags like Jute bags, Woven Bags, Cloth bags, Leno bags. It is very well suited for Agricultural use, Industrial packing and Tying of Mandap & Greenhouse. Our sutali is available in 80", 90" length we can also available in various sizes as per requirement .

We offer various colours of stitching thread like Red, White, Jute Brown, Green, Blue, etc. They come in a very attractive packing of 100 pieces and is easy to use.

Agro Rope

Shalimar braided agro rope is made from 100% virgin HDPE material and added anti sulphur UV stabilizers that makes it very strong and long lastng in agricultural use.

Our agro rope is mainly used in tying Shadenet, Green house, Polyhouse, Mandap and other general applications. These agro ropes are available in various sizes & colours.

Ground Cover / Weed Matt

Our ground cover are made from virgin quality Polypropylene tapes weaved together to provide great strength and durability.

These UV stabilised Ground Cover provide long life in direct heat and sunlight suitable for greenhouses and outdoor fields.

Precision construction of fabric ensures gap between the flat yarns for good water and air permeability.

Controls soil erosion due to watering or rains and retains soil quality.

Environment friendly method of weed control without use of any chemicals in the soil.

Available in various Sizes and Colour.