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One name that has gained wide popularity with total protection from rain is Shalimar Tarpaulin. Shalimar is the brand leader in HDPE tarpaulin and is the most wanted brand in India for domestic, commercial as well as industrial use. The very famous ad slogan of Shalimar Tarpaulin- "Baarish ki dhal, Shalimar Tirpal" sums it up for its durability, consistency and reliability.

Why Shalimar Tarpaulin?

  • It is 100% waterproof and U/V resistant.
  • It is long-lasting, sturdy & possesses super strength.
  • It has rustproof aluminum grommets (eyelets) with sewn-in welding for extra strength.
  • It can act as an all weather protection.
  • It's light-weight and comes in various sizes and in designer colours (stripes, textures).
  • It is available in different qualities (GSM).
  • It comes in different types such as two sides laminated and sandwiched tarpaulin- for extra strength.

Product Specifications

Quality GSM
Light 95
Medium 120
Heavy 135
Super 160
Deluxe 170
Deluxe 190
Deluxe 200
Special 225
Ex. Strong 250
Sizes in Feet (in all GSM )
06 x 04 07 x 05 06 x 06 08 x 06
09 x 06 09 x 09 12 x 09 12 x 12
15 x 09 15 x 12 18 x 12 18 x 15
21 x 15 21 x 18 24 x 12 24 x 15
24 x 16 24 x 18 24 x 21 27 x 16
27 x 18 27 x 21 27 x 24 30 x 18
30 x 20 30 x 21 30 x 24 30 x 27
30 x 30 36 x 30

* Available in many Colour & sizes as per requirement.


Our HDPE/PP woven fabrics offer strong, dependable and economical packaging option for a wide range of industrial & commercial products, goods and commodities. It is light-weight and best suited for packing corrugated or wooden boxes, cloth bales, machinery and many other finished goods for 100% external safety.

They are available in laminated as well as non-laminated form. Our in house lamination setup is one of the best and provides outstandingly strong and reliable lamination on the fabric. They come in roll form and can be run on any cutting and stitching machines according to your requirement.

We also supply in a smaller packing of 100 yards (TAKA). These taka's of perfect 100 yards are packed and sealed with the appropriate denier and weight mentioned on the packet. Thus it ensures that exact size and quality reaches to the customer.

Product Specifications

Quality (Denier) 400D 500D
Sizes in Inches
44" 48" 52" 60" 72"

* Also Available in sizes as per requirement.


Cement Bags from Shalimar are made from best virgin quality raw material. Specially designed for packaging cement, these bags comes with a valve and automatic locking system.A hose can directly fill the cement or any other construction material and once the bag fills to its maximum capacity, the valve shuts automatically. These bags undergo strict quality control assessment, so that they can withstand the vigorous wear and tear of the cement industry.

Shalimar also offers a high profile printing facility on these bags. Our ultramodern, in-house, 6-Colour printing facility takes care of the printing requirement on these bags. A state-of-the-art production department ensures top quality printing as per your design and colour specifications.

We at Shalimar offer the Cement and Construction Industry a complete packaging solution that's incomparable.

* Also Available in sizes as per requirement.